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Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Latin America Returns

London – The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit returns to Latin America this month after a five year absence. Hosted in São Paulo on 23-24th November, the summit will feature circular beauty, green ingredients, and biodiversity impacts.

For the first time, the summit will discuss practical approaches to encourage circularityin the regional beauty industry. Carla Tennenbaum, Co-Founder of Ideia Circular Brazil, will open the summit with a keynote on designing products for the circular economy. She will explain why brands need to move away from conventional design approaches. Other topics on circularity include zero waste, green packaging materials, and waterless cosmetics.

The Green Ingredients session will showcase new and emerging sustainable ingredients. As adoption rates of natural & organic cosmetics increase in Latin America, there is growing demand for certified organic raw materials. Ecocert and IBD QIMA, the two leading certification agencies in Brazil, will give an update on natural and organic standards for cosmetic ingredients and finished products.

Consumer demand for natural, organic and clean beauty products is driven by concerns about contentious chemicals. Ignacio Garcia, CEO and Co-Founder of Tree Intelligence, will share some of his research on consumer perceptions of cosmetic ingredients. He will give details of risk associated ingredients. Juliana Scalon, Regional Manager of DNV, will discuss the need for transparency in ingredient declarations and labels. Other speakers will cover decarbonization of ingredient supply chains, upcycling innovations,and novel green chemicals.

After climate change, biodiversity loss has been described as the greatest environmental challenge facing the planet. The Biodiversity session looks at how cosmetic and ingredient firms can meet this challenge. Anita Pissolito Campos from Nascimento e Mourão Advogados will give an update on biodiversity regulations. Natura Brasil, the largest cosmetics company in the region, will share its experiences in setting up ethical sourcing projects for its ingredients.

The Amazon has often been described as the most biodiverse place on Earth. It is also a rich source of natural ingredients that can be used by the cosmetics industry. Ekkehard Gutjahr, Founder and CEO of Amazon Oil, will show how his company is making oils, butters & extracts from wild harvested materials from the Amazon. The certified organic ingredients are made from andiroba, acai, buriti, bacaba, cupuaçu, patauá, etc. The Union for Ethical BioTrade will present some of its biodiversity barometer research, whilst the L’Occitane Group will show how it is putting biodiversity at the heart of its sustainability strategy. The ethical cosmetics firm has pledged to produce all of its iconic raw materials according to regenerative & sustainable agriculture by 2025.

The summit ends with discussions on marketing and consumer trends. The rising popularity of plant-based foods is spurring demand for vegan cosmetics. Bruno Iodes from the Brazilian Vegetarian Society will highlight the growing demand for plant-based cosmetics. Caroline Villar, founder of Souvie Organics, will share her experiences in marketing organic cosmetics. Organis will present its latest research on the organic consumer in Brazil. Other speakers will cover marketing communications, retailing and responsible consumption.

About the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Since 2009, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit has been covering sustainability issues in the cosmetic & personal care industry. The 7th Latin American edition will be hosted at the Pullman São Paulo Ibirapuera on 23-24th November 2023. More information is available from

ABC - Associação Brasileira de Cosmetologia


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